Services and Price List

Residential Commercial
Site Survey and first treatment from £90 £150
Repeat visit from £60 £90
Supply 100g of Scoot from £10 £10
Supply 5lt water sprayer and 100g Scoot from £35 £35
Supply and fit ‘scarecrow’ from £190 £190
Supply and fit ‘one way door’ from £150 £150
Dig out ‘earth’ from £250 £250
Supply ‘Get Off’ from £15 £15
Supply ‘Wash and Get Off’ spray from £15 £15
Supply and fit ‘Prickle Strip’ per metre from £10 £10

We will also supply and erect fox proof fencing from a ‘budget’ panel comprising of 6′ x 6′ wooden panel, concrete posts and gravel boards at £150 per panel and our ‘premium’ panels at £200 per panel.   We supply and install fox proof decking from £50 per square metre.

We also repair and fox proof existing fencing, decking, lawns etc.  Price on application.

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